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Cheesy haunted houses are a dime a dozen, but hunting ghosts on haunted ground? That’s an eerie outing of a whole other caliber.

 Join us for a ghost walk of Black Star Canyon, San Juan Capistrano’s Los Rios Street, The Star of India and The Grand Canyon Caverns, where you actively seek out the things that go bump in the night.

 Wander through an area that’s given birth to countless urban legends and where sudden gusts of wind create spine-tingling howls that pierce the night. As you wander, keep an eye out for glowing light anomalies and shadow people darting quickly through the darkness.

Will you be one of the lucky ones to experience this strange phenomena?

 Experience the thrill of a real ghost hunt, seeking out the supernatural that so many others prefer to avoid.



All ghost hunting tours run year round depending on availability and or weather conditions.    We can’t guarantee any public ghost hunting tours  that are not booked at least 24 hours in advance. If you’re not over 18, you must be accompanied by an adult or guardian who is 18 or older (Note: Star of India will have to be booked at least with at least 2-4 weeks notice)



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Feeling REALLY brave?  This won’t be a typical Black Star Ghost adventure, as we will be exploring deeper into the canyon. This tour is not recommended for people who cannot be on their feet for 3-4 hours (or more). Check our calendar to embark on this adventure for $25.00:




Orange County Ghosts and Legends is a licensed and insured business.

We reserve the right to refuse service on ghost hunting tours
**Alcohol and Smoking is NOT permitted on tours**

We want to thank TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society,& Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Steve Gonzales, Dave Tango, Adam Bly, Barry Fitzgerald, Chris Fleming, Patrick Burns, The California Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and the other ghost hunting teams who have brought the field this far.