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  Your stop for Ghost Tours in Orange County, San Diego and Arizona!

We also assist those in need of paranormal help in their homes, offices and other private locations.   These ghost hunting tours are interactive and allow you to wander notorious paranormal hot spots. You will have the opportunity to investigate ghosts and the paranormal with a little guidance from us. You will also learn some of the history and legends of local paranormal hot spots. You will participate in EVP sessions, learn how to use a KII Meter and other EMF Detectors.  

All ghost hunting tours run year round depending on availability and or weather conditions.    We can’t guarantee any public ghost hunting tours  that are not booked at least 24 hours in advance. If you’re not over 18, you must be accompanied by an adult or guardian who is 18 or older (Note: Star of India will have to be booked at least with at least 2-4 weeks notice.)

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Orange County Ghosts and Legends is a licensed and insured business.

We reserve the right to refuse service on ghost hunting tours
**Alcohol and Smoking is NOT permitted on tours**

We want to thank TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society,& Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Steve Gonzales, Dave Tango, Adam Bly, Barry Fitzgerald, Chris Fleming, Patrick Burns, The California Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and the other ghost hunting teams who have brought the field this far.